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The Federation of St Edmund's and St Joseph's Catholic Primary Schools

The Federation of
St Edmund's & St Joseph'sCatholic Primary Schools

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Week 7

Hello Moses children and families,

We have now reached week 7!

It seems like a long time since I last saw some of you, but it is delighting me that I am still receiving regular photos and videos of your children learning, as well as emails from your parents describing what you have been doing. 

I am so pleased you have been enjoying the weekly activities I have been loading up for you to try and help you continue with your learning. It is lovely to have a positive message and a happy smiley photo from you too.

Although the home email address is manned by a range of staff across the federation I am logging on each day and will endeavour to send an individual email back to each child. 

I am keeping an eye on how children are getting on with their online activities (spelling shed, mathletics, Time Table RockStars, numbots) I have set as well and have been really impressed with efforts the children are continuing to make. Thank you parents for continuing to encourage them in what is a strange time for us all.

There is an attachment of thrive activities which you may find useful to do with your child. See below.

Children have you seen the Mathletics Table with our class point total. (On school Twitter page)We are joint 2nd place this week with Solomon class on 200 points, behind Elijah on 250! 

I have myself been doing home learning with my two boys and know the effort it takes to keep motivation and a positive mind set. I am always at the end of an email for any concerns you have or likewise if your son/daughter just wants to drop me a quick message. 

I look forward to hearing from you all this week. Please address your emails FAO Mrs Ponsford which will make it easy to identify or tweet @StJosSudbury 

Stay Safe and best wishes 

Mrs M Ponsford